Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gatsby 2012: Let me Shell you a Story...

For all you Luhrmann/DiCaprio/Fitzgerald/Jazz Age fans out there: the cinema trailer for The Great Gatsby has just been released today! INCREDIBLY EXCITING STUFF.

What shell we wear?
The answer is obvious!
If I could choose any era at all to tele-transport myself back to (assuming I could find a damned Delorian to get me there), it would be the days of Gin Fizz, garden parties with peacocks roaming about freely on the lawn, roaring swing parties with big bands and debonair gents. Oh, the Gatsby days. 

Its allure magnetised the world, and by the 1930s, mass production meant that everyone could live in the deco style. Travel became popular. African safaris were all the rage and animal skins, ivory, mother of pearl, and tortoiseshell began to appear in the home.

In design, seashells increased in popularity and could be found in motifs in architecture right through to clutch bags and other accessories adorning the darlings of the day.

Thanks to the fabulous Gatsby remake set to be released later this year (finally Leo DiCaprio appears in another amazing Baz Luhrmann production - it's been far too long, we say) the gorgeous shell is making a resurgence in 2012. 

 The Oriental Fan:
it never goes out of style.
So... at least if I just happened to come across a Delorian and could go back to my favourite era, I'd be ready to party with my Shell Lip Balm! Best nip off and get a flapper dress ready too, I think, you can never be too prepared after all.
Watch the Gatsby Trailer here!

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